White Leghorns

Another incredibly common chicken, that is found in many varieties, with the most common, and famous being the White. They are the primary white egg producer of the world, and will be the source of what you pick up in the supermarket. Especially the Pearl-White variety (pictured) are very regal looking, and would be a nice addition to your flock in more ways than one. However they are a bit of a smaller bird, and so they are used primarily for egg-laying. They are usually up there right with the Rhode Island Red.

  • Appearance:
    • Male: These chickens have white feathers that are very bright and beautiful when taken care of. Their tails are very large. but are displayed less in the way of height, but in distance behind them. They have large red facial features in contrast to the white, and will be what “the barnyard rooster” should look like.
    • Female: Same as male but without the large swooping tail and large facial features. Otherwise she may be a little more “compact”, reflecting on the good food to egg ratio that this breed has.
    • Face: Red
    • Comb: Large red single or rose comb
    • Earlobes: White
    • Skin color:Yellow
    • Beak color: Yellow
    • Eyes: Red-Orange
  • Weight: Rooster-6 Hen-4.5 Cockerel-5 Pullet-4*
  • Purpose: White leghorns, due to a smaller body are for Egg-Laying purposes.
  • Origin: This breed of chicken originated in Italy, and take their name from Livorno, also known as Leghorn, which was the first city that they were shipped from.
  • Common: Extremely
  • Egg color: White
  • Egg size: Medium to Large
  • Eggs a week/year: 5-6 eggs a week/280-300 a year, known to lay in nearly all conditions.
  • Broody: No, broodiness has been almost completely bred out of them.
  • Confinement: Generally take confinement very well.
  • Compatibility: Good with others of it’s kind, but not especially with others.
  • Hardy: Good with heat, and okay with cold. In the cold they may need a little petroleum jelly on their comb.
  • Bantam: Yes*
  • Personality: Nervous, but intelligent… They usually handle new situations with caution.
  • Available from: *

Well known to be amazing egg-layers, they are also visually pleasing. Definitely a good addition to the backyard chicken owner’s flock.

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