Key to Chicken Entries

For each of my chicken entries I will begin with a paragraph, about the chicken, whether their personality, tendencies, or other unique traits. Then I will continue with a list of facts about the chickens, summarized below.

  • Appearance: As in what they look like, whether colors, or other body features. If not mentioned, they are assumed to have four toes, and un-feathered legs.
  • Weight: How much, in pounds, the chicken usually weighs.
  • Purpose: If the chicken is usually raised for egg-laying, or for it’s meat, or maybe both. This site will be geared towards egg-layers, or chickens of dual-purpose.
  • Origin: The place where the chicken was initially found or bred.
  • Common: If a chicken is a typical choice, or not.
  • Egg color: The complexion of an egg.
  • Egg size: Rated in typical store sizes.
  • Eggs week/year: How many eggs are laid on average in a week, and then a year. Keep in mind that this is for the first year, and every year thereafter a chicken will lay less and less eggs.
  • Broody/Setter: If a chicken will lay a dozen or so eggs, and then stop and raise them.
  • Confinement: If a chicken willingly is confined, rather than attempting to escape.
  • Compatibility: How the chicken is with other chickens, of the same or of a different type.
  • Hardy: If it is hardy in hot/cold weather, or both.
  • Bantam: If there is a so-called “bantam” variety of the chicken, which is usually just a smaller version with smaller eggs, but similar , if not identical, in appearance.
  • Personality: One of the most important parts in all chickens, is their personality, whether curious, solitary, or something else. Remember that this varies from chicken to chicken, so not one is the same!
  • Available from: Some hatcheries, organizations, or farms that sell the kind of chicken discussed. In addition to the price which is in US dollars.

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