Speckled Sussex

The Speckled Sussex is a beautiful chicken that becomes more decorative with age. They are ideal for backyard chicken owners who need to impress neighbors, yet they still produce a fair number of eggs, and are good for eating when the time comes. However, they are not commonly used in the meat industry, because they develop slowly, but they a good choice for those who are not burdened by time.
  • Appearance:
    • Male: These birds are extremely beautiful and ornamental, they have a mahogany base with many feathers having a black bar, and ending in a white tip. The reason I say that these chickens become more beautiful with age is because with each molt the amount of white on the tip is a little more. So, eventually you have these fancy, white-speckled chickens. For males in particular they have very impressive sickles and the white and mahogany make a beautiful contrast on their hackle.
    • Female: A hen is what is shown above, at an older age, and is equally beautiful, however, and will camouflage easily as will the male. If well-tended these can become very proper, and regal looking birds.
    • Face: Red 
    • Comb: Single-Medium
    • Earlobes: Red
    • Skin color: Pinkish white
    • Beak color: Horn
    • Eyes: Red-Orange
    • Legs: Pinkish white
  • Weight: Rooster-9 Hen-7 Cockerel-8 Pullet-6*
  • Purpose: Dual-purpose
  • Origin: Sussex, England
  • Common: Yes
  • Egg color: Light Brown
  • Egg size: Medium to Large
  • Eggs a week/year: 4 or so a week/200 a year
  • Broody: Yes*
  • Confinement: Great, but they are good free-range, as they are well camouflaged from predators.
  • Compatibility: Good, they are more mellow, and will be closer to the bottom of the pecking order.
  • Hardy: Yes, they are actually quite good winter layers, but as with almost any chicken, you want a small source of heat for them.
  • Bantam:Yes *
  • Personality: Mellow, and easily tamable, they are a good starter breed for new chicken owners. They are also commonly quite smart for a chicken.
  • Available from:*
    • eFowl.com
      • Day Old: (Min. 5 in total) SR: $2.25, F: $2.60, M: $1.42
    • Welp Hatchery
      • Day Old: (Min. 1) SR: $2.30, F: $2.76 , M:$1.90
    • McMurray Hatchery
      • Day Old: (Min. 1) SR: $2.25, F: $2.72, M: $1.53
In general, a good jack-of-all-trades. They are a amazing breed, but one that is still easy to have and handle.
    Photo courtesy of Flickr user: terrabytefarms
    Information courtesy of: http://www.efowl.com/Speckled_Sussex_Chickens_p/1091.htm


        1. You're right, Anthony! These ARE beautiful chickens. :-) I will have to add this breed to my list of most wanted. :-)

        2. They are very nice, my grandfather just got a few, and recently got his first egg! Even now, they are absolutely beautiful, if a bit shy.

        3. I have just gotten 6 of these from efowl and they are the friendliest birds. often walking right up as if to say "pick me up" which i oblige. Sweet birds at 8 weeks. I will see how they mature. Got Brahmas and Wellsummers too. Beautiful but skittish. I will be sure to get more Speckleds if they are like the current batch.

        4. I have three beautiful hens. I love them! I spend a lot of time outside gardening and I usually have to scoot one out of the way. They follow me around like, well, baby chicks.

          1. I regularly have to scoot at least one away from my project. They are very curious and willing to help.They of course each have a name and come when called.

        5. We have one Speckled Sussex hen in our small flock. She's more like a dog than a bird; she follows us everywhere and loves to "supervise" whatever task we are working on. She's so curious, I keep expecting her to ask a question one of these days.

        6. I have 5 speckeld sussex hens in my backyard in town. My neighbors have no complaints, they are quiet, and follow me around when I'm outside, warbling and singing. They each have their own personality and we have plenty of eggs for my family of 5, with some to give away when they're laying well. My question is, what is their lifespan? Will they stop laying at some point and become pets only?
          Mine are almost 2 years old now and very well tended. They get time to free range whenever I am home with them and the weather allows.

        7. I have 4 Speckled Sussex and 2 are about 5 years old. They follow me around and talk to me (just wish I could understand! ). I have one that I have found up on my dryer when I've left the back door open, and will jump in my truck when I get out to open the gate! She always makes me laugh! They are not flighty either! Love em♡

        8. just bought 7 of these guys love what I hear about them ..

        9. I purchase what I thought was a speckled Sussex pullet from Tractor Supply. Was the friendliest chick in a group of nine. Would love to have it's back stoked and would coo.. every time I would come around. As it grew up, it would follow me around, jump up on my leg whenever I sat down, starting softly chattering at me and would squat down whenever I would pet it. At about 9 weeks it started crowing to my surprise. Now after 12 weeks, it is still the friendliest bird I have which really surprises me since it's a cockerel.

        10. I have 2 hens, Bunny and JOA (Joan of Arc). My first chickens ever. I spend a lot of time gardening; never had chickens because I feared they would tear up my garden. They do scratch and have a few favorite spots for dust baths, but the damage is minimal. Now I say, 'where have chickens been all my life?' Chose this breed based on the sign at the feed store stating how friendly they are. This is so true. They come when you call them and load up into their pen when told. I let them free range whenever I am outside but I am always watching. Their markings are indeed great camouflage but I would never come into the house for even a second and let them out of my sight. There are hawks and eagles. I have trained my Doberman to sit and stay with them if I need to run in the house. This is how much I love them! It would break my heart to lose them as I've become quite attached. I never knew this could happen with chickens! Would also be awful to leave one widowed. They are most likely sisters. They are very mellow, happy birds and not skittish. They delight in scratching around looking for bugs and worms. We have spent hours just watching them, as they are quite comical. I enjoy their chatter and soft mutterings, especially when they settle in to roost. They are good layers of medium to large brown eggs. They have become broody but this has been fixed by removing them from their nest box and barring it off until they snap out of it. I remove them from the pen altogether during this time as much as possible and encourage them to free range. They have never pecked at me but do defend their pen when the dogs pass by. Again, this is only when they are broody. They are great with my dogs - walk across their legs, pick bugs off of them. Speckled Sussex are great for first timers and children. Highly recommend.

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