Silver-Laced Wyandottes

The Wyandotte chicken, in general, is well-known to be an all-around bird. They have a beautiful, simple appearance, they lay a fair number of eggs, but also are a good meat bird when it is their time. The Silver-Laced variety was the first developed of the Wyandotte chickens, around the year of 1885, with all of the other varieties emerging a few years later. This breed in particular is known to have a pleasant curved appearance, with a deep saddle and graceful lines.
  • Appearance: Silver-laced Wyandottes have silver-white feathers with a black lacing (black edge on feather). The black may have a slight sheen to it, and the thickness of the lacing may vary both from chicken to chicken, and on different parts of the body. They have a red rose comb (occasional single, but these are considered an impure variety), red earlobes, yellow skin, a yellow beak, and red-bay eyes.
  • Weight: Rooster- 8.5 Hen-6.5 Cockerel-7.5 Pullet-5.5*
  • Purpose: They are dual purpose.*
  • Origin: New York State, America
  • Common: Yes
  • Egg color: Brown
  • Egg size: Large to X-Large
  • Eggs a week/year: 3-4 eggs a week/180-200 a year
  • Broody: Yes
  • Confinement: Well
  • Compatibility: Good
  • Hardy: They are relatively heat hardy, but more so in the cold due to their feathering, and their rose combs which are better suited to cold weather than single combs.
  • Bantam: Yes*
  • Personality: Known to be a very energetic and vocal chicken, they are also motherly and not as aggressive as usual.
A good chicken that not only is a fair egg producer, but also fun to show to your friends and family.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user: Rick Scully
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*for more information on terms listed above, see Key to Chicken Entries