Double-Laced Barnevelders

Originating in Holland the Barnevelder chicken was a very sought after chicken in the early 1900's for it's ability to lay dark brown eggs in good numbers. That is not the case today, with the majority of breeds being produced for looks, rather than for egg color and production. Nonetheless some breeders are determined to bring these aspects back, and some chickens of greater quality can be found for higher prices, but buy with caution.

  • Appearance: These chickens have a brown double-laced feather pattern from which this variety draws it's name. They have a beetle-green sheen on their hackle (neck area), a red single comb, red earlobes, yellow skin, a yellow beak, and red-brown eyes. Right click on this picture, hit "view image" and look at the breast and wing to see the double-laced feather pattern.
  • Weight: Rooster-7.5 Hen-6 Cockerel-6.5 Pullet-5*
  • Purpose: They are dual purpose*
  • Origin: These chickens originated in the Barneveld region of Holland, from which the breed takes it's name.
  • Common: This chicken breed is the most popular in Holland, and is quite common in many other countries
  • Egg color: Dark to light brown
  • Egg size: Large to X-Large.
  • Eggs a week/year: 3-4 eggs a week/180-200 a year, which is good for a dark egg layer.
  • Broody: Yes, and they make wonderful mothers, with the rooster often chipping in a little bit.*
  • Confinement: Well, especially as they have short wings it is difficult for them to get out if they wanted to.
  • Compatibility: Good with other animals and chickens.
  • Hardy: Very cold hardy from where it was bred, and rather heat hardy too.
  • Bantam: Yes
  • Personality: Kind and friendly, they will often accompany you to your house or around the chicken coop. They are also very maternal, and clean for a chicken.
Generally a very good chicken with maternal qualities, making it good for a family with young children, and a need for eggs only every few days, not every single one.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user: sanneonix
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*for more information on terms listed above, see Key to Chicken Entries


  1. what a cool pic! I love learning about chickens!

  2. I have three Barenvelder hens. Very pretty and they lay dark and unique speckled eggs.

  3. I have two of them in the coop. They are laying well, one lays sparkled eggs the other is brown. I got them as chicks hoping for a terra cotta brown egg but I was a tad disappointed. They aren't as well behaved as other breeds and take flight easily like the Ameracaunas.