Rhode Island Red

One of the most common chickens in our world today, the Rhode Island Red (RIR), originated in Rhode Island over a century ago. The single combed variety was admitted to the standard of perfection of the American Poultry Administration (APA) in 1904---the rose-combed variety recognized a year later. RIR's have hard feathers, and can be very good egg layers, even through winter if kept under suitable conditions.
  • Appearance: 
    • Male: Their feathers are a famous rusty, to chocolaty-red. They also have some black patches in their tails,  and a little in their wings.
    • Female: Same as male, but they also have black on the back of their neck. The hens also tend to be a bit darker and more richly colored than the males.
    • Face: Red
    • Comb:  Red, single or rose
    • Earlobes: Red
    • Skin color: Yellow
    • Beak color: Yellow
    • Eyes: Red-orange
  • Weight: Rooster-8 Hen-6.5 Cockerel-7 Pullet-5.5*
  • Purpose: Dual purpose*
  • Origin: Rhode Island- America
  • Common: Extremely
  • Egg color: Light brown
  • Egg size: Large or extra large
  • Eggs a week/year: 5-6 eggs a week/250-300 eggs a year.
  • Broody: No, but when they do go broody, they are a very dutiful mother.*
  • Confinement: RIR's handle confinement well, and do not typically try to escape.
  • Compatibility: Good with other RIR's but, may be a little aggressive with other chickens.
  • Hardy: These birds are known to be very hardy in winter and summer... They also have strong immune systems.
  • Bantam: Yes, though a bit more uncommon, there is a bantam variety of the RIR.*
  • Personality: Known to be very loving and caring towards their owners, they are generally curious, but also cautious... They may be more unfriendly towards strangers, and other animals.
  • Available from:*
    • Murray McMurray:
      • Day Old: (Min. 1) SR: $2.14, F: $2.47, M: $1.31
    • My Pet Chicken:
      • Day Old: (Min. 3+, Overall) SR: ---, F: $3.00, M: $2.00
    • Cackle Hatchery:
      • Day Old: (Min. 5) SR: $2.06, F: $2.52, M: $1.20 (No Min. on Males)
Overall a very good combination of hardiness, and egg laying capability. It is very clear why they are one of the most popular chickens for backyard chicken owners.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user: Just Chaos'
Information courtesy of: http://www.rhode-island-red.co.uk/
*for more information on terms listed above, see Key to Chicken Entries


  1. The photo you have is not a RIR (or at least is nowhere near the standard). It could be a red sex link. A RIR hen would be much darker, without the white tinges. Also the shape should be more "brick-like" in the front. I would note in the personality section that RIRs (and RIR hybrids like red stars and black stars) can be noisy and are not always the best bird for yards close to neighbors' residences.