Black Australorps

Australorps were bred from a variety of breeds in Australia, including Black Orpingtons from which they take their name. They were bred as utility birds, and have a good egg laying rate, currently holding the world record for most eggs laid in a year, with 364. However, this was in the 1920's, when the breed had a better laying rate. Australorps are unofficially considered the chicken of Australia.
  • Appearance: 
    • Male: Black feathering with a very prominent beetle green sheen. Tails are held high and they have a very broad front. They have a large single comb, and other large facial features such as the wattle, and earlobes.
    • Female: Same as male but with a less prominent green sheen. They also have a somewhat lower tail, and smaller comb.
    • Face: Red
    • Comb: They have a large red single comb
    • Earlobes: Red
    • Skin color: White
    • Beak color: Black
    • Eyes: Dark brown or black
  • Weight: Rooster-8.5 Hen-6.5 Cockerel-7.5 Pullet-5.5*
  • Purpose: Australorps are dual purpose*
  • Origin: Australia
  • Common: Yes
  • Egg color: Light brown
  • Egg size: Medium to Large
  • Eggs a week/year: 4-5 eggs a week/200-250 eggs a year
  • Broody: Sometimes, though they will even raise others eggs and chicks.*
  • Confinement: Australorps do not usually try to escape.
  • Compatibility: Often low in the pecking order, Australorps are compatible with other chickens.
  • Hardy: Generally Australorps are hardy in hot and cold weather.
  • Bantam: Yes, there is a bantam form of the Australorps.
  • Personality: Generally friendly, and social with others. They may submit and be bullied occasionally however. 
  • Available from: *
A good layer, along with a simple yet beautiful look, makes this chicken a complete package for backyard chicken owners.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user: buildakicker
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*for more information on terms listed above, see Key to Chicken Entries


  1. Thanks, I hope that I can help, at this point it is all about the info.

  2. concerned chook ownerAugust 31, 2012 at 12:35 PM

    I have a new pullet hen we traded for one of two roosters. She is low on the pecking order and so gentle. Runs from the other "three amigas" She runs between my husband and me for safety and hides out in the underbrush too. We have not had her a week yet and already love her. The other 3 hens are rhode island reds. They will be a year old in February. How long will it take them to accept her? She is very smart and does not like them to mess with her. I believe she will be bigger than they are too. We put her in the outdoor coop after the others have gone to roost in the inside coop so far. I want there to be peace!!!! Concerned chook owner.